Merci aux membres de l'AIISOC d'avoir assisté à la journée de formation virtuelle et à l'AGA 2024 !

Près de 160 participants étaient présents pour la journée de formation.

La journée a été remplie de conférenciers passionnants. Merci au comité de la conférence d'avoir organisé un événement réussi !

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Félicitations aux récipiendaires de la bourse d'études périopératoires 2024 offerte par l'AIISOC et Johnson & Johnson Medical Products
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Angela Parks

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Angela Russell

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 21-25 mai 2025
29e Conférence nationale de l'AIISOC dans Calgary, AB

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La 16e édition des Normes, lignes directrices et énoncés de position de l'AIISOC, est maintenant disponible ici     
Sharon Hollett, présidente-sortante nous parle de l'importance de la 16e édition: 








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Manitoba Operating Room Nurses Association (MORNA)
Welcome to our Official Website

MORNA Fall Conference 2022 1       Registration forms

2018-2019 Executive

Dawn Affleck
President Elect
Melodie Kurys
Past President
Kim Goodman
Carmen Saban
Iris MacMillan
Educational Coordinator
Stacey Brown


Communications/NewsletterMelodie Kurys
Iris MacMillan
Stacey Brown
Dawn Affleck (ex-officio)
Kim Goodman
Dawn Affleck (ex-officio)
Education Committee
Stacey Brown

MORNA Gauzette Newsletter

MORNA Events Calendar

Featured Events

September 19, 2019 6-9 p.m.
MORNA Annual Fall Meeting Wine and Cheese
Winnipeg Winter Club

Please visit the ORNAC Events calender for a full list of all ORNAC activities.


The Association is provincially organized, and is based in Winnipeg.

Board of Directors

The affairs of MORNA are managed by a Board of Directors which is composed of the Executive Officers, Representatives from all Winnipeg Operating Rooms, Chairpersons of Standing or Ad Hoc Committees, and Associate Chapter President(s).


There are a minimum of five (5) general meetings, held from September to June. Each meeting has a business section, as well as an educational session. The Annual General Meeting, which includes the Election of Officers, is held each year within May or June.


  • Develop and promote professional standards, based on the CNA Code of Ethics for Nurses, which promote optimum perioperative patient care.
  • Support and promote the ORNAC Recommended Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice.
  • Identify and meet the professional needs of perioperative nurses throughout the Province of Manitoba.
  • Ensure perioperative nursing practice remains current by the networking of ideas and techniques through meetings, communications, presentations, conferences and workshops.
  • Develop a strong sense of collegiality among the perioperative nursing community, for professional and personal growth.
  • Advocate for perioperative nurses on issues and decisions affecting their practice.
  • Establish resources for educational, social and research activities.
  • Establish recognition and financial awards for Active MORNA members or others who have made significant contributions to perioperative nursing.
  • Contribute and disburse funds to support the cause of perioperative nursing.
  • Establish and maintain links with CRNM, ORNAC and other professional organizations.

President's Message

AffleckHappy Summer MORNA Members!

Summer in Manitoba is a beautiful gift after a long winter. Whether you spend your extra time gathered with friends and family in the backyard or by a lake, I wish you time to relax, enjoy your loved ones, take a deep breath in, and relish in all that our beautiful province has to offer.

Allow me to briefly introduce myself as your president. I entered perioperative nursing in 1997, after completing an ORNAC accredited perioperative program through SaskPolyTech (formerly SIAST). Since that time, I have served in the role as general duty perioperative nurse, preceptor, perioperative clinical educator and instructor, and currently as an OR team manager. I completed my CPN(C) in 2009 and have served as a MORNA site representative and as the 2015 ORNAC standards committee member. I have presented locally, provincially, and nationally within the perioperative community.

I wish to extend my deepest appreciation for the support to stand as your MORNA president for 2019-2020. It is an absolute privilege and honour that I take very seriously. A special thanks to our MORNA executive team, Kim Goodman who enters Past-president, Melodie Kurys, President-elect, Iris McMillan Secretary, Carmen Saban Treasurer, and Stacey Brown Education Coordinator for their commitment, time, and dedication to our provincial group and members. They are a tireless group!!!

Do you know that MORNA is the only provincial perioperative group in Canada that strives to connect through monthly web based meetings? I think that is so special! Unfortunately our meetings have been interrupted with connection issues and this will hopefully be rectified before our first meeting this fall.

Connectedness, education, support, and a sense of community in perioperative nursing are the fruits of our MORNA/ORNAC labor. We are so fortunate to have an organization that supports our nursing specialty. But there is MUCH work to be done. The ORNAC strategic plan was released at the ORNAC 2019 conference. Three specific pillars of focus were identified as enhanced communication (between ORNAC board members and it’s membership in general), member engagement, and role definition and processes (current structure of ORNAC).

In order to stay in sync and develop alongside our ORNAC organization, MORNA also needs to ensure these pillars are the foundation for our anticipated growth and progression. We will work together to explore certification, education, leadership, and growth of our membership, as these will be key areas for us all to focus on to keep our group strong. We know there is over 400 nurses who practice in perioperative nursing in Manitoba, yet we only have about 70 members in our group. The value of being an MORNA member far outweighs the annual membership fee. I believe we have to increase our membership so that MORNA is a strong voice representing perioperative nursing issues and trends at provincial and national levels.
With that said, very soon, your site reps will be receiving and distributing an electronic email survey from the MORNA executive to inquire about your thoughts of MORNA and what you like, what you need from us, and where you feel improvements can be made. I REALLY hope you see this as an opportunity to be heard and will take some time to complete the survey and provide this information. We cannot actualize our potential, unless we know what your needs are. Look out for the email, details, and instructions on completing the survey coming soon!!!!

Our executive team is working very hard this summer as we create our very own MORNA website, establish an exciting new relationship with Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM), creation of sub-committees, and plan our education/business meetings for the 2019-2020 year. So please stay tuned for all the exciting times ahead and let’s stay connected in perioperative nursing. I also want to offer my MORNA email, should you wish to reach out for support or address concerns. If urgent response from myself or executive is needed, please include in the subject line, as we will do our best to reply with a prioritization of emails.

Hope to see you all at the Wine and Cheese September 19, 2019.

Yours in perioperative nursing,
Dawn Affleck RN MN CPN ©
President MORNA

MORNA Funding Guidelines

IMPORTANT! Due to web browser incompatibilities, it is strongly recommended that all applicants download and save these files to their desktop or devices before completing and printing their forms. Failure to do so may result in "blank" forms saves.

Educational Funding
Flexible funding guidelines to support and promote MORNA members' attendance at perioperative educational sessions.

CNA Certification and Recertification Funding Guidelines
To support MORNA members in pursuit of enhancing their perioperative practice through Canadian Nurses’ Association (CNA) certification/recertification.


Manitoba Operating Room Nurses Association (MORNA)
MORNA Events Calendar

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Manitoba Operating Room Nurses Association (MORNA)
MORNA "Gauzette" Newsletter

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We recognize that not all these editions are currently linked and we are working hard to bring this section completely up-to-date for our members! Keep an eye on our webpage for more issues to be added in the near future!

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