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Meilleures pratiques en matière de gestion de la 
température tout au long de l’intervention chirurgicale


Blessures cutanées liées aux adhésifs médicaux


30 mars 2023, 19:00 HE (en anglais)

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Les gagnants pour le thème de la semaine des infirmières en soins périopératoires

Perioperative Nurses: standing for patient safety
excellence in surgical practice"

St. John's Health Sciences Centre, St. John's NFLD

La date limite pour les soumissions pour l'affiche approche... 15 mars 2023
Veuillez consulter la page de la Semaine des infirmières et infirmiers périopératoires 
pour plus de détails! 
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Avec votre adhésion à l’AIISOC, vous êtes automatiquement membre de votre association provinciale. Une partie des frais d'inscription sont retournées à votre association afin d’aider le soutien aux initiatives locales et provinciales.

Connectez-vous via ou via l'onglet d'adhésion sur la page principale « Cliquez sur Renouveler/Mettre à jour »

    • Pour renouveler entrer votre nom d'utilisation et mot de passe 
    • Les nouveaux membres doivent compléter le formulaire d'enregistrement et créer un nom d'utilisateur et mot de passe.

* IMPORTANT: Veuillez prêter une attention particulière aux champs Province, Région et Type d'adhésion, car vous ne pouvez pas modifier ces champs après la soumission, sauf en contactant

Si vous éprouvez des difficultés à vous connecter, avez des questions sur le processus de renouvellement ou pour obtenir de l'aide, veuillez contacter:


Si vous souhaitez mettre à jour votre profil, obtenir vos reçus fiscaux et/ou utiliser les codes de réduction des membres, connectez-vous sur la page d'accueil de l'AIISOC via la connexion des membres (coin supérieur droit) ou cliquez sur Adhésion> Renouveler / Mettre à jour.

Si vous rencontrez des problèmes, veuillez nous contacter à ou appeler au 1 888 608 2828 



To ensure you get the most of this exciting opportunity, please book your booth space and sponsorships by March 1, 2017. Booth selections made after December 15, 2016 will not be included inthe March 2017 pre-conference ORNAC Journal.


Scotiabank Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9

National Exhibitors' Advisory Committee (NEAC) meeting:

Tuesday May 2 0930 1100

Move-in period:

Saturday April 29 1200 2300
Sunday April 30 0730 1530

Move-out Period:

Tuesday May 2 1500 2300

Exhibit Hours:

Monday May 1 1100 1500
Tuesday May 2 1100 1500

Booth Specifications:
Standard booths are 10’ wide by 8’ deep with
a framework of an eight (8) foot high draped
backdrop and three (3) foot high sidewings. 
*Exceptions can apply.

Cocktail Reception with Delegates:

Sunday April 30 1730 2100


Saturday April 29 1200 1700
Sunday April 30 0900 1300


*If you require an island booth or you have a very large, pre-designed booth that requires a unique exhibiting area.

Download the Stronco Exhibitor Kit Here!


Electrical Order Form


View Floor Plan 


Book your Accommodations


General Information for Exhibitors

Terms of Payment:

Full payment for each booth requested must accompany the Contract for Exhibit Space. Cheques should be payable to “ORNAC”.  Payment and Registration can also be done electronically through the ORNAC website: or

Complimentary Booth Includes:

• 1 draped booth
• 1 standard electrical outlet 1 draped table, 1 chair
• Company’s name and booth location listed in Syllabus/Program
• Security will be provided at the hotel during move-in, display, and move-out

Complimentary Booth Does Not Include:

These and other items you require may be ordered from the official suppliers, order forms will be included in the Exhibitor Manual: carpeting, waste basket, signage, storage.  (Note: The Exhibit Hall at the conference centre is not carpeted.)

Display Restrictions:

All displays must stay within the boundaries of the booth. Back wall height restrictions are eight (8) feet. Sidewalls and display fixtures occupying the front one-half of the exhibit space (five (5) feet in from the aisle) cannot exceed a height of four (4) feet within ten (10) feet of a neighboring exhibit. Further details will be contained in the Exhibitor Manual. Some exceptions will apply for those who request an island location.  Please contact

Space Assignment:

Booths will be allocated by sponsorship level together with a first-come, first-served basis. A signed contract for exhibit space and full payment must be received before booth location will be assigned.  Exhibit space can be pre-selected online and we will make every effort to accommodate at least one of the preferred choices. 

Other Services:

Display services, drapage, shipping, customs broker, audio-visual, telecommunications, and electrical/ mechanical service details and order forms will be provided to exhibiting companies closer to the meeting dates. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to book accommodations at the special conference rate.

Flower Supplier:

Website: Country Basket Garden Centre & Flower Boutique Email:

2017 – 25e Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : Mobiliser notre pouvoir

Date: du 30 avril au 4 mai 2017
Lieu: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Présidents: Kim McLennan-Robbins & Linda Whyte

2015 – 24e Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : Connections pour l'excellence en pratique périopératoire

Date: du 3 au 7 mai 2015
Lieu: Edmonton, Alberta
Présidents: Barbara Mushayandebvu & Kim McLennan-Robbins

2013 – 23rd Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : Alliance internationale pour une meilleure pratique périopératoire

Date: du 21 au 25 avril 2013
Lieu: Ottawa, Ontario
Président: Margot Walsh

2011 – 22nd Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : Élever le domaine des soins périopératoires

Date: du 8 au 13 mai 2011
Lieu: Regina, Saskatchewan
Présidents: Candace Franke & Donna Marin

2009 – 21st Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : La profondeur des soins périopératoires : ce qui se cache au-dessous

Date: du 7 au 12 juin 2009
Lieu: St John's, Terre-Neuve
Présidents: Margot Walsh & Laura Ellswore

2007 – 20e Conférence nationale de l’AIISOC : Illuminer la voie à l’excellence en soins périopératoires

Date: du 22 au 27 avril 2007
Lieu: Victoria, Colombie-Britannique
Président: Marcy McKay

2005 – 19e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Montreal, Québec
Présidents: Line Boucher & Monique Trachy

2003 – 18e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Présidents: Karen Steindel & Gerry Boughen

2001 – 17e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Banff, Alberta
Président: Gloria Nemecek

1999 – 16e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse
Président: Donna Farid

1997 – 15e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Ottawa, Ontario
Président: Vija Hay

1995 – 14e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique
Président: Sandra Grimwood

1993 – 13e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Quebec City, Québec
Président: Inconnu

1991 – 12e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Banff, Alberta
Président: Jackie Waisman

1990 – 11e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Toronto, Ontario
Président: Sharon Corbie

1988 – 10e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique
Président: Gloria Stephens

1986 – 9e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Montreal, Québec
Président: Jacqueline Craig

1984 – 8e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Jasper, Alberta
Président: Muriel Shewchuk

1982 – 7e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Président: Jane Malach

1980 – 6e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse
Président: Gail Currie

1978 – 5e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Lieu: Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse
Président: Gail Currie

1976 – 4e ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique
Président: Jean Kerr

1974 – 3rd ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Montreal, Québec
Président: Victoire Audit

1973 – 2nd ORNAC National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Toronto, Ontario
Président: Faye Trouten Blenkhorn

1970 – 1st National Conference

Date: Inconnu
Montreal, Québec
Présidents: Victoire Audit & Mary Taylor

The Depth of Perioperative Nursing... What Lies Beneath

 June 7 - 12, 2009

St John's, Newfoundland



2009 Presentations and Presenters

Date Topic Presenter
Jun 8, 2009 Politics, Health Care and How the Two Meet Rex Murphy
Jun 8, 2009 Safe Surgery Checklist: Supporting Implementation Dr. Chris Hayes and Dr. Bryce Taylor
Jun 8, 2009 A Mock Discovery Daniel Boone and Janet Grant MHSA/LLB

Lynn Anderson RN, CPN (C) and Tina Parrill BN
Jun 9, 2009 Diving into Perioperative Nursing Research (CORL) Karen Frenette RN,BN,MN, CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 Robotics in the O.R. Dr. Anvari
Jun 9, 2009 Laser Safety: Demystifying Standard and Regulations Penney T. Smalley RN, CMLSO

Sue Taylor RN, CMLSO
Jun 9, 2009 Cocaine Toxicity: Management of the patient who has ingested cocaine for transportation into Canada Sharon Gabriel RN, MN, CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 The creation of a legal specimen policy: What lies beneath? Joanne Peddle RN, BSc.N, CPN (C)
Jun 9, 2009 Smoke Exposure: Can Clean Air Be a Reality? Kay Ball RN, BSN, MSA, PhD, CNOR, FAAN
Jun 9, 2009 Lessons Learned: RN to RNFA (1997-2009) Grace Groetzsch BSN, Med, CRNFA, CPN (C)
Jun 9, 2009 Advanced Perioperative Practice: Plumbing Hidden Depths Dr. Lois Hamlin RN,BN, MN (Ned), DNURS,FRCNA,FCN
Jun 9, 2009 High Performance in Perioperative Leadership & Opportunities for High Performing Perioperative Leaders (CORL) Muriel Shewchuck RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Charlene (Charlie) Byers RN, MS(N), CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 Working toward Zero Surgical site infection Maureen Spencer RN, Med.M, CIC
Jun 9, 2009 What do you mean you can't sterilize it? The Reusable Medical Device Committee (RMD) Matrix Ann Stephens, RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Ann Marie Assang BEd(C)
Jun 9, 2009 What is the cost of each surgical case you perform? Christine Cochrane RN,BA,CPN (C)

Catherine Kelly RN, CPN(C)

Tara McBride RN, BSc.N, CNOR

Judy Motley RN
Jun 9, 2009 Making the cut: Transitioning Pediatric Patients to Adult Centers Jessica Gerritts RN, BSc.N

Amy Lockhart RN, BSc.N

Kathy MacDonald RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Personal Experience with Operation Smile Dr. David Jewer
Jun 10, 2009 What lies Beneath Surfaces? (CORL) Carol Kirkwood
Jun 10, 2009 O.R. Nurse's Perceptions of the effect of Physician Abuse: Research findings B. Laurie Higgins RN,BN, MScN,CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Can you get it when you want it? A technology enabled future for inventory management in O.R.'s Judy Costello RN, MSc.N

Wendy Watson
Jun 10, 2009 Automated Consignment- Placing Perioperative meaning to a new term Susan Grant RN,CPN(C)

Diane Eley RN, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Colorectal Research in NL & Lab And the Development of a Colorectal Cancer Bio Bank Elizabeth Dicks RN, PhD
Jun 10, 2009 Changes in Processing and How These Changes Will Effect Perioperative Nursing (CSA Standards) Colleen Landers, Registered Nursing Consultant
Jun 10, 2009 An examination of learning styles in a multigenerational environment Patricia Cuddy RN, BSc., MA, CRCST,CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Practice makes perfect: Multidisciplinary Perioperative training Michelle Murray RN,PGOR
Jun 10, 2009 Mentoring when geographically challenged Lyanne Faucher RN,CPN(C)

Roxanne Kaminski RN, BSN, MN
Jun 10, 2009 The Perioperative Adventure! Coping in Challenging Seas (CORL) Lynn Walters RN, BSN, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Pain only Pre-op Skin Preparation: Evaluation of Effects on Infection Rates Marion Yetman RN,BN,MN,CIC

Glenda Tapp RN, B.Vo.Ed, CPN(C)

Donna Moralejo RN, PhD
Jun 10, 2009 The Perioperative Care of the Pediatric Pt with Osteogenic Sarcoma Debbie Jaraway RN

Shirley Perry RN,MN

Marjorie Phillips RN,CPN(C)

Peggy Ziegler RN,CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Innovation and Leadership in Perioperative Nursing (CORL) Patricia Elliott RN, BHScN, CPN(C)

Janice Koekebakker RN, BHScN, CPN(C),RNFA intern
Jun 11, 2009 CNA Code of Ethics-A perioperative focus Panel discussion Margot McNamee RN, BA, MHA

Rick Singleton DMIN

Marg Farley RN,CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation - What's new? Tracy Brand RN,BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Military Nursing Captain Nathalie Auger BSc.N, CPN(C)

Major Peter Hennecke BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Safer HealthCare Now! Narrowing the Gaps Between Evidence and Practice Theresa Fillatre MHSA,RN,BSW,CHE

Lynn Riley RN
Jun 11, 2009 Intraoperative positioning & Care of the obese patient Robert Dybec RN,MS,CPSN,CNOR
Jun 11, 2009 Truth or Consequences of Coagulopathy Sherry Porter RN,NCC

Biddy Chang RN, BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Pressure Ulcers: Not a chance Margaret Emanuel RN

Cora Bagaoisan RN,MSN
Jun 11, 2009 Ignorance is not bliss-Deep diving your O.R. Performance to avoid Titanic impacts (CORL) Tina Foster MA,BN

Randy Heiser BA,MA
Jun 11, 2009 Greening an O.R: More than just the Color On the Wall Lucia Pfeuti RN,BN,CPN(C)

Lyndsay Lingard RN,BN, BSc.
Jun 11, 2009 Caution High Alert Medications in use Charlene Byer RN,MSN,CPN(C)

Irinia Sitnikov RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Who's Team Checklist: The implementation of a patient's safety strategy in our operating rooms Rose Puopolo RN,MN,CPC(C)

Pam Allan RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Cora Bagaoisan RN,MSN
Jun 11, 2009 Patient Simulation for Training in Crisis Resource Management Dr. Noel O'Regan
Jun 12, 2009 Navigating the Icebergs: Leadership for all Professional Nurses (CORL) Sister Carol Taylor RN, MSN, PhD
Jun 12, 2009 From Deep Valleys to High Peaks: Lessons from an Amazing Journey T.A. Loeffler PhD

Lighting the Way to Perioperative Excellence

April 22 - 27, 2007

Victoria, British Columbia

Elevating the Field of Perioperative Nursing

May 8-13, 2011

Regina, Saskatchewan


2011 Presentations and Presenters

Date Topic Presenter
May 9, 2011 High Performing Systems Steven Lewis
May 9, 2011 Collaborative Team Work Dr. Peter Blair
May 10, 2011 Sterilization & Infection Control: A System's Approach Chuck Hughes
May 10, 2011 Ask... Don't Tell! Jan Holmes
May 10, 2011 Perioperative Environment "Elevating the Field for the Future" Pat Pocock
May 10, 2011 What motivates you to come to work Lesia Yasinski
May 10, 2011 PEARLS of Wisdom - Publishing, Editing, and Research Learning Strategies Tara Willemsen
May 10, 2011 Legal Risks of Perioperative Nursing Paula & Chris Mayer
May 10, 2011 Laryngospasms: Anesthesia Practice in the United States Gary Cozine
May 10, 2011 Pratiquons-nous selon les norms prescrites par l'AIISOC? Monique Perazzelli
May 10, 2011 New CPSI/SHN! SSI prevention recommendations "Are We There Yet?" Dr. Claude Laflamme & Gillian Gravely
May 11, 2011 Lamellar Corneal Surgery – a paradigm shift in corneal transplant surgery Dr. Jeffrey Judelson
May 11, 2011 "STRIPES"- Surgical Transformational Results in Improved Patient Experience and Satisfaction Cheryl MacMillan
May 11, 2011 Strategic Perioperative Management Muriel Shewchuk
May 11, 2011 Ma Première Mission, Haïti 2010 Aline Gagnon
May 11, 2011 To Circulate or Not: Full Scope of Practice for LPNs in the OR Ethel Landry & Cindy Fulmore
May 11, 2011 Behind the Mask; A narrative Inquiry into Operating Room Nurses Experiences of Patient Safety Alice Moszczynski
May 11, 2011 The Greening Healthcare: Nurses Take on Waste Reduction Jocelyn Orb
May 11, 2011 How to Grow a Perioperative Nurse in Developing Countries Genelle Leifso
May 11, 2011 Raising the Bar in Perioperative Africa Kate Woodhead
May 11, 2011 Don't Reinvent the Wheel; Teach Others How to Roll It! Stephanie Fleming
May 11, 2011 Identifying Facilitators & Inhibitors to Perioperative Nursing Workforce Sustainability: Results of a Focus Group Study Shanda Naylor
May 11, 2011 Elevating Perioperative Nursing by Integrating Internationally Educated Nurses in Canada Tracie Scott
May 12, 2011 Accreditation of Independent Medical / Surgical Facilities Karen J. Kieley
May 12, 2011 Multi-organ Procurement Surgery: Australian Perioperative Nurses Prespective Zaneta Smith
May 12, 2011 "The Fire Drill" - So You Think You Can Evacuate! Maria Masella & Clare Attley
May 12, 2011 The Pressure is on! Perspectives on the Care of a Patient with a Pheochromocytoma Marcy McKay
May 12, 2011 Search & Rescue Warrant Officer Mike Hurtubise
May 12, 2011 Succession Planning: Who Will Be leading Your OR in the Future? V. Zellermeyer & C. Hector
May 12, 2011 Surgical Smoke Evacuation Compliance Kay Ball
May 12, 2011 Research in Perioperative Practice Pammla Petrucka
May 12, 2011 Proficiencies in Advanced techniques for Hemostasis - An Or P.A.T.H. Program David Wood
May 12, 2011 Leadership: The Powerhouse of Ethical Partnerships Stephen Born
May 13, 2011 Stand Tall Dr. Wayne Halliwell
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