Bridging Excellence in Perioperative Practice

May 3-7, 2015

Edmonton, Alberta


On behalf of the ORNAC Board of Directors and the conference organizing committee, it is with great excitement that we extend an invitation for you to join us at the 24th National Operating Room Nurses Association Conference being held in the river city of Edmonton, Alberta from May 3 – 7, 2015. This promises to be an exciting and innovative educational opportunity to network, socialize and collaborate with your national and international colleagues.

The theme for the conference is “Bridging Excellence in Perioperative Practice”. The scientific committee promises to bring together perioperative experts and industry representatives to bring you all of the latest information in perioperative nursing. Perioperative nurses and aligned experts from around the world will share their expertise in technological and theoretical advances of perioperative nursing practice.

An exciting cowboy themed gathering is planned for all delegates to Exhibitors socialize and maybe try a little line dancing! Make sure you bring an “Urban Cowboy “outfit. Edmonton is a big city with small town values, a vibrant urban centre in the heart of wilderness, the largest northernmost metropolis. We are a city that is authentic, rugged, and original: it’s an attitude that you’ll only appreciate once you’ve visited. This fascinating city has something to offer to all including sightseeing opportunities, shopping or simply going for a walk on one of our many trails in the river valley.

We look forward to collaborating and celebrating our 24th conference with all of you.

Kindest Regards,

  • Rupinder Khotar ( ORNAC President),
  • Catherine Harley (Executive Director)
  • Kim McLennan – Robbins & Barbara Mushayandebvu (Kim McLennan – Robbins & Barbara Mushayandebvu ORNAC Conference Chairs)

Date & Location

ORNAC National Conference: “Bridging Excellence in Perioperative Practice”

May 3-7, 2015
Location: Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

Sky Shuttle – Airport Service

There is a Sky Shuttle Airport Service that operates between downtown and the airport.

Rates are $18 one way or $30, round trip (subject to change). It is not a private shuttle, and may stop at more than one place.

You must reserve in advance by calling 780-465-8515 or online at


2015 Call for Abstracts

Share your accomplishments in the fields of perioperative clinical practice, education, professional development, research and administration!

The Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit an abstract for paper or poster presentation at our 2015 ORNAC National Conference. Abstracts will be considered for presentation in one of the following forums:

Poster: A visual display. Posters will be displayed at the conference. Posters will be selected based on relevance and implications for perioperative nursing as well as conformity with the Conference theme.

Application Deadline: Dec. 19th, 2014

Paper: A 15 minute presentation by the author(s) plus 5 minutes for questions & answers.

Application Deadline: Closed

Proposals are welcome for presentations in either English or French.

Selection of successful submissions will be based on relevance to the scope of perioperative practice.

Abstract submission is now closed.


Saturday - May 2, 2015
  0830-1700 HRS
Salon D
ORNAC Board of Directors Meeting
  0900-1600 HRS
Assembly Foyer
Registration Open
  0900-2400 HRS
Hall B & C
Exhibit set up
Sunday - May 3, 2015
  0700-1800 HRS
Assembly Foyer
Registration Open
  0900-1700 HRS
Hall B & C
Exhibit set up (continued)
  0830-1200 HRS
Salon D
ORNAC Board of Directors Meeting
  1300-1500 HRS
Hall A
Opening Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies: Debbie Elliot
1500-1530 HRS Health Break  
  1530-1700 HRS
Hall A
A House in the Sky: A Remarkable Story of Courage & Resilience
Speaker: Amanda Lindhout
  1710-2030 HRS
Hall B & C
Grand Opening of Exhibits - Wine & Cheese Reception
Monday - May 4, 2015
  0700-0830 HRS
Salon 8, 9, 10
MEGA Breakfast (Topic TBD)
Speaker: Melissa Fischer
- Sponsored by AMT
Plenary 0845-0945 HRS
Hall A
Building a Business Case in Perioperative Nursing: The Effectiveness of an organized Voice
Speaker: Kay Ball
0945-1000 HRS Health Break  
ET 1000-1100 HRS
Hall A
Cultural Safety: Indigenous Health Values & Principles
Speaker: Dr. Alika Lafontaine (et al TBD)
MDR 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 3
Successful Strategies for MDRC/OR Collaboration that Prevent Infections and Enhance Patient Care
Speakers: Abdool Karim & Sharon Gordon
1100-1500 HRS Health Break  
PS 1500-1615 HRS
Hall A
Is It Time to Rethink the Way We Do Healthcare?
Speaker: Dr. Stephen Genuis
IPN 1500-1615 HRS
Salon 4
Theatre in the Aussie Bush: how does it compare?
Speaker: Rachel Ellem
LD 1500-1615 HRS
Salon 5/6
Clinical Leadership in the Changing World of OR Supply Chain: The Clinical Perspective
Speaker: Kelly Chapman (CORL)
WS 1500-1615 HRS
Salon 11
Managing Surgical Plume: A Facility Wide Approach
Speaker: Robert Scroggins
MDR 1500-1615 HRS
Salon 3
Bridging the Operating Room and Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) with Canadian Standards
Speaker: Diane Trudeau
1615-1630 HRS Health Break  
MDR 1630-1730 HRS
Salon 3
Medical Device Reprocessing: Begins and Ends in the OR
Speakers: Gale Shultz & Kyle Eckhardt
  1830-2400 HRS
Westin Hotel
Bollywood - East Meets West
Tuesday - May 5, 2015
  0630-0830 HRS
Salon 8, 9, 10
Medline's Breast Cancer Awareness Breakfast
Speaker: Samantha Harris
- Sponsored by Medline
Plenary 0845-0945 HRS
Hall A
Feasibility and Applicability of Antibacterial Surgical Gloves
Speaker: Dr. Ojan Assadian (Ansell)
0945-1000 HRS Health Break  
PNE 1000-1100 HRS
Hall A
ORNAC Standards: Guiding Excellence in Perioperative Practice
Speakers: D. Bastone, D. Affleck, L. Faucher, C. Ferguson, D. Keough, L. Pfeuti & P. Willame
MDR 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 3
Meeting Standards in Non Hospital Surgery Facilities
Speaker: Sue Lafferty
1100-1500 HRS Health Break  
ET 1500-1600 HRS
Hall A
Updates on Malignant Hyperthermia
Speaker: Dr. Sheila Riazzi (MHAUS)
APN 1500-1600 HRS
Salon 5/6
The CNA Certification Program: Caring to be the Best in Perioperative Nursing
Speakers: Lucie Vachon & Tracey Rice
LD 1500-1600 HRS
Salon 11
Quality: Sustaining Change OR to PACU Transfer Tool
Speaker: Carol Kirkwood (CORL)
CL 1500-1600 HRS
Salon 3
A Quality Improvement Journey in Opthalmic Surgery
Speakers: Christine Arde, Christian Buendia & Nurallah Rahim
1600-1615 HRS Health Break  
LD 1615-1715 HRS
Salon 4
Leadership: How to develop a successful multidisciplinary Team? Hybrid Suite Experience
Speaker: Kelly Chapman (CORL)
MG 1615-1715 HRS
Salon 3
Building a "Magnetic" Operating Room
Speakers: Erin Robertson & Heather Lithgow
APN 1615-1715 HRS
Salon 11
Advanced Practice Nurses in the Operating Room
Speaker: Shaindel Egit
MDR 1615-1715 HRS
Salon 5/6
Practical Applications of LEAN Methodology to Manage Supplies in the Surgical Suites
Speakers: Christian Buendia, Lynn Ramos, Nurallah Rahim, Josie de la Pena, Cassandra Koitsopoulos & Kathy Chan
  1830 HRS On Your Own - Dine Around Edmonton
Wednesday - May 6, 2015
  0630-0830 HRS
Salon 8, 9, 10
SSI Prevention: Mission Possible #PatientSafety
Speaker: Dr. Claude Laflamme
- Sponsored by 3M
CL 0845-0945 HRS
Salon 4
Trans-Apical Aortic Valve Replacement-Last Surgical Option
Speakers: Karin Gailer, Carol Miners & Anne Quick
ET 0845-0945 HRS
Salon 5/6
Cognitive Aids in the Perioperative Environment
Speaker: Dr. Reuben Eng
APN 0845-0945 HRS
Salon 11
Necrotizing Faciitis
Speaker: Eugene Mondor
MG 0845-0945 HRS
Salon 3
Erecting Excellence- Building the OR of the Future
Speakers: Tracie Scott & Tina Carr
  0845-0945 HRS
Salon D
Malignant Hyperthermia Simulation
Speaker: Sue Barnes
0945-1000 HRS Health Break  
PS 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 5/6
Perioperative Nurses: The Need for Strong Advocates in Patient Safety
Speaker: Kapka Petrov (CPSI)
WS 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 4
Elimination of Formalin in the Operating Room - A Safe Practice Initiative
Speakers: Barbara McArthur & Helen Vandoremalen
ET 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 11
Emotion, Reason, Neuroscience and Resilience
Speaker: Dr. Mike Jacka
CL 1000-1100 HRS
Salon 3
Implementing a Regional Hip and Knee Replacement Program
Speaker: Maureen Sly-Havey
  1000-1100 HRS
Salon D
Malignant Hyperthermia Simulation
Speaker: Sue Barnes
1100-1300 HRS Health Break  
APN 1300-1400 HRS
Salon 5/6
Bullying & Incivility in the OR: Model Development & Preliminary Results
Speakers: Dr. Alexander Villafranca & Lesia Yasinski
PS 1300-1400 HRS
Salon 4
How Early Should Prophylactic Antibiotics be Given to Patients Before Surgery?
Speakers: Kathleen Kulyk & Kasia Kaluzny
ET 1300-1400 HRS
Salon 3
Embracing Patient & Family Centred Care: An Interprofessional Collaboration in the Perioperative Setting
Speakers: Bonnie Knox & Stephanie Flemming
MG 1300-1400 HRS
Salon 11
From Paper to Wifi, Integration not Duplication: Examining the Impact of Wireless Electronic Health Records within the Perioperative Environment
Speaker: Julie Zendehnizadeh
  1300-1400 HRS
Salon D
Malignant Hyperthermia Simulation
Speaker: Sue Barnes
1400-1430 HRS Health Break  
PS 1430-1530 HRS
Salon 4
What is SSI? On the CUSP of Improving Safety Culture and Better Patient Outcomes
Speaker: Maryann Deen
ET 1430-1530 HRS
Salon 3
Electronic Pathology Requisition-Bridging the Gap Between the Operating Room and the Lab
Speaker: Harpreet Upal
CL 1430-1530 HRS
Salon 11
Leading Excellence in Total Joint Care
Speaker: Tracie Scott
ED 1430-1530 HRS
Salon 5/6
Perioperative Practice and Practice Development
Speaker: Carolyn Ellis
  1430-1530 HRS
Salon D
Malignant Hyperthermia Simulation
Speaker: Sue Barnes
WS 1530-1630 HRS
Salon 11
Surgical Attire: What You Wear Does Matter
Speaker: Dr. Lisa Spruce
LD 1530-1630 HRS
Salon 5/6
Intergenerational Leadership in Perioperative Nursing
Speakers: Tracie Scott & Tina Carr
PS 1530-1630 HRS
Salon 4
Retrospective Evaluation of a Web-Based Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Tool
Speakers: Corrine McIsaac & Andrew Milligan
CL 1530-1630 HRS
Salon 3
Decreasing the Length of Stay for Total Hip & Knee Replacement Patients
Speaker: Maureen Sly-Havey
PNE 1530-1630 HRS An Update on CSA Perioperative Safety Standards
Speaker: Susan Taylor
  1645-1900 HRS ORNAC Members Appreciation Evening
Thursday - May 7, 2015
  0630-0800 HRS Fluid Management in Operative Hysterosocopy: The Ins and Outs of Current Guidelines and Technologies
- Sponsored by Hologic
PS 0815-0915 HRS
Salon 4
Electrosurgery Safety in Open and Laparoscopic Cases
Speaker: Dr. Paul Borgmeier
CL 0815-0915 HRS
Salon 5/6
Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery: What's Up There?
Speakers: Cindy Fulmore, Wendy Barristo & Lynn McAllister
WS 0815-0915 HRS
Salon 11
A Critical Inquiry into the Mandatory Disclosure of Blood Borne Pathogens by Health Care Providers: Implications for Nurses
Speakers: Dr. Vera Caine, Margaret McGinn & Dr. Judy Mill
MG 0815-0915 HRS
Salon 3
Organizational Radicals: Making Changes for the Better!
Speaker: Marlies van Dijk
0915-0930 HRS Health Break  
  0930-1100 HRS
Hall A
ORNAC Annual General Meeting
MG 1115-1215 HRS
Salon 4
Predicting Urgent Time Allocation
Speaker: Joanna Schubert
CL 1115-1215 HRS
Salon 5/6
Complications of Laser Lead Extraction: A Case Study
Speakers: Annalee Szabadi, Rita Wayne & Barbara Robert
PS 1115-1215 HRS
Salon 11
Blood Transfusion Safety- The Bloody Truth
Speaker: Leonor De Biasio
IPN 1115-1215 HRS
Salon 3
My Experience in Kandahar Airfield
Speaker: Elizabeth Beck
1215-1300 HRS Health Break  
Plenary 1300-1400 HRS
Hall A
How To Become a Surgeon Whisperer
Speaker: Jan De Boeck
  1400-1630 HRS
Hall A
Closing Ceremonies

Master Cpl. Paul Franklin's Inspirational Story of Survival
Speaker: Paul Franklin

Humor: The Power of Fun
Debbie Elliot

Theme Legend & Descriptions

Theme Abbreviation Theme Title Description
PS Patient Safety Sessions with information pertaining to providing safe perioperative patient care
ET Creating effective inter-professional OR teams Sessions focusing on the inter-professional relationships that are present and integral within the perioperative setting
IPN International perioperative nursing Sessions with a focus on perioperative nursing experiences abroad
APN Advancing perioperative nursing - personally & professionally Sessions that discuss the advancement of perioperative nurses and the development of personal and professional skill sets
MG Management - Healthcare delivery and efficiencies Sessions focusing on management and leadership with a particular interest in the delivery of healthcare and increased need for efficiency within the perioperative setting
CL Clinical - Specialty specific Sessions related to specific specialities or specific patient populations
ED Education - Developing perioperative nursing Sessions focusing on perioperative nursing education programs that enhance the development of nurses new to the perioperative field
PNE Perioperative nursing education Sessions focusing on maintaining competencies and skill sets of nurses currently in the perioperative setting
WS Workplace safety Sessions providing information related to the workplace health & safety of perioperative nurses
MDR Medical device reprocessing Sessions focused on the advancement of medical device reprocessing
LD Leadership Sessions directed toward Perioperative nursing leaders, leaders in education and administrative roles
SIMULATION Simulation Presentation Presentations that are interactive, providing simulation scenarios and hands-on training for perioperative nurses
INTERNATIONAL International Speakers Sessions presented by International speakers from outside Canada and the United States
BREAK Break or Lunch Free time between sessions for leg-stretching and protein/carbohydrate intake
SPECIAL Special events Limited-seating sessions or social events before or after the regular conference sessions


Delegate Information


ORNAC Members Before Mar. 31/15 After Mar. 31/15
Full Conference $600.00 $700.00
Sunday $120.00 $150.00
Monday $225.00 $250.00
Tuesday $225.00 $250.00
Wednesday $225.00 $250.00
Thursday $175.00 $200.00
ORNAC Associates Before Mar. 31/15 After Mar. 31/15
Full Conference $630.00 $730.00
Sunday $120.00 $155.00
Monday $230.00 $255.00
Tuesday $230.00 $255.00
Wednesday $230.00 $255.00
Thursday $180.00 $205.00
Non-ORNAC Members Before Mar. 31/15 After Mar. 31/15
Full Conference $700.00 $800.00
Sunday $130.00 $175.00
Monday $250.00 $275.00
Tuesday $250.00 $275.00
Wednesday $250.00 $275.00
Thursday $225.00 $250.00

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


Social Event tickets are included in purchasing a full registration/ No social tickets are allocated for daily only registration (must be purchased separately on website registration under "Social Events"). Sunday registration includes the Grand Exhibit opening from 6-9PM



National Exhibitors Advisory Committee

NEAC is a subcommittee of ORNAC. The purpose and objectives of this group are:

  1. To serve as advisors and councillors to the ORNAC National Conference Planning Committee
  2. To assist ORNAC, in planning or managing various elements of National Conferences
  3. To liaise with ORNAC to develop, standardize and implement ORNAC rules and regulations governing exhibitors at National Conferences
  4. To be the voice of Health Care Industry to the process of conference planning.
  5. To provide the National Planning Committee, information pertains to Exhibitors needs and opinions in an effort to strengthen the conference planning committee and exhibitor relationship.
  6. To represent without bias, all ORNAC Conference Exhibitors

NEAC shall be comprised of six (6) voting members: One member shall be the president of ORNAC, One member shall be the executive director of ORNAC, and four members shall be elected full time employees of companies exhibiting at National Conference.

Four exhibitors will hold NEAC offices and will assume on a seniority basis and in the following sequence in descending order:

Immediate Past-Chairperson

No more than one person per exhibiting company or family of exhibiting companies may serve on the NEAC at the same time.

Nominees for NEAC offices must be full time employees of exhibiting companies.

Potential members must have confirmed support of the employing company. Support includes, time required to perform duties and costs associated with NEAC related travel. Supporting company must have attended past conferences and NEAC representative must attend all conferences and meetings during term.

Current NEAC Executives (2011-2013)
Chair: Steve McCann (Carefusion)
Immediate Past-Chairperson: Patty Travers (AMT Electrosurgery)
Vice Chair: Lisa Mackie (3M Canada)
Treasurer/Secretary: Dave Haley (Trudel Medical Marketing Limited)


About Edmonton

Edmonton, located along the North Saskatchewan River, is the capital of the province of Alberta.

Edmonton is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname “The Festival City”. It is home to North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall (the world’s largest mall from 1981 until 2004), and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum.


Tourism Links


National Conference Hotel Accommodations

The selected hotels are located within walking distance of the Shaw conference center, shopping, the art gallery of Edmonton, many restaurants and the light rail transit system. To reserve any of the hotels please call and refer to the group code: ORNAC for special rates.

The Westin Edmonton (Conference Head Quarters)
10135 – 100 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 0N7
Phone: (780) 426-3636
Toll-free: 888-627-8530
Click here to book your room at 
the special conference rate

Room rates start at $205 per night for a standard room
Monday evening: all delegates and exhibitors “themed”
event will be held at the Westin

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 350 meters

The Fairmont Hotel McDonald
10065 – 100 Street 
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 0N6
Phone: (780) 424-5181
Fax: (780) 429-6481
Toll-free: 866-540-4468

Room rates start at $219 per night for a standard room

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 300 meters

Distance to the Westin: 160 meters

Courtyard by Marriott
1 Thornton Court
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2E7
Phone: (780) 423-9999
Toll free: 866-441-7591
Click here to book your room

Room rates start at $194 per night for a standard room

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 170 meters

Distance to the Westin: 250 meters

Crowne Plaza Edmonton
10111 Bellamy Hill
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 3E9
Phone: 780-428-6611

Room rates start at $149 per night for a standard room

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 700 meters

Distance to the Westin: 600 meters

The Sutton Place Hotel
10235 – 101 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 3E9
Phone: 780-428-7111
Toll free: 866-378-8866
Click here to book your room

Room rates start at $172 per night for a standard room

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 850 meters

Distance to the Westin: 500 meters

The Coast Edmonton Plaza hotel
10155 – 105 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1E2
Phone: 780-423-4811
Toll free: 800-663-1144

Room rates start at $139 per night for a standard room

Distance to the Shaw conference center: 1.1 km

Distance to the Westin: 950 meters


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