The Depth of Perioperative Nursing... What Lies Beneath

 June 7 - 12, 2009

St John's, Newfoundland



2009 Presentations and Presenters

Date Topic Presenter
Jun 8, 2009 Politics, Health Care and How the Two Meet Rex Murphy
Jun 8, 2009 Safe Surgery Checklist: Supporting Implementation Dr. Chris Hayes and Dr. Bryce Taylor
Jun 8, 2009 A Mock Discovery Daniel Boone and Janet Grant MHSA/LLB

Lynn Anderson RN, CPN (C) and Tina Parrill BN
Jun 9, 2009 Diving into Perioperative Nursing Research (CORL) Karen Frenette RN,BN,MN, CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 Robotics in the O.R. Dr. Anvari
Jun 9, 2009 Laser Safety: Demystifying Standard and Regulations Penney T. Smalley RN, CMLSO

Sue Taylor RN, CMLSO
Jun 9, 2009 Cocaine Toxicity: Management of the patient who has ingested cocaine for transportation into Canada Sharon Gabriel RN, MN, CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 The creation of a legal specimen policy: What lies beneath? Joanne Peddle RN, BSc.N, CPN (C)
Jun 9, 2009 Smoke Exposure: Can Clean Air Be a Reality? Kay Ball RN, BSN, MSA, PhD, CNOR, FAAN
Jun 9, 2009 Lessons Learned: RN to RNFA (1997-2009) Grace Groetzsch BSN, Med, CRNFA, CPN (C)
Jun 9, 2009 Advanced Perioperative Practice: Plumbing Hidden Depths Dr. Lois Hamlin RN,BN, MN (Ned), DNURS,FRCNA,FCN
Jun 9, 2009 High Performance in Perioperative Leadership & Opportunities for High Performing Perioperative Leaders (CORL) Muriel Shewchuck RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Charlene (Charlie) Byers RN, MS(N), CPN(C)
Jun 9, 2009 Working toward Zero Surgical site infection Maureen Spencer RN, Med.M, CIC
Jun 9, 2009 What do you mean you can't sterilize it? The Reusable Medical Device Committee (RMD) Matrix Ann Stephens, RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Ann Marie Assang BEd(C)
Jun 9, 2009 What is the cost of each surgical case you perform? Christine Cochrane RN,BA,CPN (C)

Catherine Kelly RN, CPN(C)

Tara McBride RN, BSc.N, CNOR

Judy Motley RN
Jun 9, 2009 Making the cut: Transitioning Pediatric Patients to Adult Centers Jessica Gerritts RN, BSc.N

Amy Lockhart RN, BSc.N

Kathy MacDonald RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Personal Experience with Operation Smile Dr. David Jewer
Jun 10, 2009 What lies Beneath Surfaces? (CORL) Carol Kirkwood
Jun 10, 2009 O.R. Nurse's Perceptions of the effect of Physician Abuse: Research findings B. Laurie Higgins RN,BN, MScN,CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Can you get it when you want it? A technology enabled future for inventory management in O.R.'s Judy Costello RN, MSc.N

Wendy Watson
Jun 10, 2009 Automated Consignment- Placing Perioperative meaning to a new term Susan Grant RN,CPN(C)

Diane Eley RN, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Colorectal Research in NL & Lab And the Development of a Colorectal Cancer Bio Bank Elizabeth Dicks RN, PhD
Jun 10, 2009 Changes in Processing and How These Changes Will Effect Perioperative Nursing (CSA Standards) Colleen Landers, Registered Nursing Consultant
Jun 10, 2009 An examination of learning styles in a multigenerational environment Patricia Cuddy RN, BSc., MA, CRCST,CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Practice makes perfect: Multidisciplinary Perioperative training Michelle Murray RN,PGOR
Jun 10, 2009 Mentoring when geographically challenged Lyanne Faucher RN,CPN(C)

Roxanne Kaminski RN, BSN, MN
Jun 10, 2009 The Perioperative Adventure! Coping in Challenging Seas (CORL) Lynn Walters RN, BSN, CPN(C)
Jun 10, 2009 Pain only Pre-op Skin Preparation: Evaluation of Effects on Infection Rates Marion Yetman RN,BN,MN,CIC

Glenda Tapp RN, B.Vo.Ed, CPN(C)

Donna Moralejo RN, PhD
Jun 10, 2009 The Perioperative Care of the Pediatric Pt with Osteogenic Sarcoma Debbie Jaraway RN

Shirley Perry RN,MN

Marjorie Phillips RN,CPN(C)

Peggy Ziegler RN,CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Innovation and Leadership in Perioperative Nursing (CORL) Patricia Elliott RN, BHScN, CPN(C)

Janice Koekebakker RN, BHScN, CPN(C),RNFA intern
Jun 11, 2009 CNA Code of Ethics-A perioperative focus Panel discussion Margot McNamee RN, BA, MHA

Rick Singleton DMIN

Marg Farley RN,CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation - What's new? Tracy Brand RN,BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Military Nursing Captain Nathalie Auger BSc.N, CPN(C)

Major Peter Hennecke BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Safer HealthCare Now! Narrowing the Gaps Between Evidence and Practice Theresa Fillatre MHSA,RN,BSW,CHE

Lynn Riley RN
Jun 11, 2009 Intraoperative positioning & Care of the obese patient Robert Dybec RN,MS,CPSN,CNOR
Jun 11, 2009 Truth or Consequences of Coagulopathy Sherry Porter RN,NCC

Biddy Chang RN, BSc.N
Jun 11, 2009 Pressure Ulcers: Not a chance Margaret Emanuel RN

Cora Bagaoisan RN,MSN
Jun 11, 2009 Ignorance is not bliss-Deep diving your O.R. Performance to avoid Titanic impacts (CORL) Tina Foster MA,BN

Randy Heiser BA,MA
Jun 11, 2009 Greening an O.R: More than just the Color On the Wall Lucia Pfeuti RN,BN,CPN(C)

Lyndsay Lingard RN,BN, BSc.
Jun 11, 2009 Caution High Alert Medications in use Charlene Byer RN,MSN,CPN(C)

Irinia Sitnikov RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)
Jun 11, 2009 Who's Team Checklist: The implementation of a patient's safety strategy in our operating rooms Rose Puopolo RN,MN,CPC(C)

Pam Allan RN, BSc.N, CPN(C)

Cora Bagaoisan RN,MSN
Jun 11, 2009 Patient Simulation for Training in Crisis Resource Management Dr. Noel O'Regan
Jun 12, 2009 Navigating the Icebergs: Leadership for all Professional Nurses (CORL) Sister Carol Taylor RN, MSN, PhD
Jun 12, 2009 From Deep Valleys to High Peaks: Lessons from an Amazing Journey T.A. Loeffler PhD
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