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12TH EDITION, ORNAC Standards Corrections

September 3, 2015
  • Section 3; Sponges-3.2.51, pg. 191
  • Section 3; Sharps-3.2.61, pg. 193

To all ORNAC Members:

We would like to bring to your attention some issues that have been identified in Section 3 of the ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice, 12th Edition, May 2015.

The standard that speaks to the double counting of sponges during the initial count was removed. This was an error, it was included in the draft document but was somehow removed during the final review and printing process.

The second error was in the standard related to the counting of needles. The standard is written to open the packages immediately during the initial count, however, the references cited state the opposite, the package should not be opened during initial count but only when ready to use.

We are concerned, and are in the process of rectifying these errors. The standards of concern will be identified by section, number, and page number showing the current published item and the corrected changes. These will be sent out to all ORNAC members via notification on the ORNAC website, our Facebook page and our Twitter account; through this membership eblast; notification to the Provincial Council Directors; the Pillar Chairs; and the PNEC group. We will try to obtain a list of individuals from CSA who may have purchased the Standards independently and include them in the emailings.

We are confident that the rest of the document is correct and want to assure you that the above mentioned issues are being dealt with. We thank the 2015-2017 Standards Committee who brought these issues to our attention. We also appreciate the input of the educator group training new perioperative nurses and the frontline perioperative nurses who use these standards in their day to day work.

With best regards,

Cathleen Ferguson, RN, BScN, RNFA, CPN (C), CNOR
ORNAC President

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