ORNAC and Johnson & Johnson Medical Products Joint Bursary

and Johnson & Johnson Medical Products jointly fund a bursary to assist perioperative nurses in furthering their education in areas that will enhance perioperative nursing practice. The ORNAC Awards Committee, comprised of members from across the country, choose 2 successful applicants in accordance with established selection criteria. The awards are presented at the national conference on national conference years or alternately at the provincial conference of the winners.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must be a registered nurse who is licensed with the Provincial Professional Association and employed, with a primary focus in perioperative nursing practice. The applicant must also be an active member of the Provincial Operating Room Nursing Association two consecutive years prior to submitting the application and be listed as an active member on the ORNAC database.

Funding is available for post basic operating room nursing programs approved by ORNAC, Baccalaureate, Masters and Ph.D. nursing programs related to health care, and RNFA. Courses considered must be an enhancement to existing perioperative employment.

The personal profile/resume must be typed and supporting data enclosed with the completed application form. The application will not be considered if these criteria are not met. This data includes letters of reference as indicated on the application form, photocopies of nursing license, membership in a provincial OR association, perioperative nursing certification (if applicable) and proof of acceptance in an education program.

Deadline for Submissions

The complete, typed application form and supporting documentation must be submitted:

Send to: Chair of the ORNAC Awards Committee
Deadline:  March 4
Late submissions will not be considered.

The applications are judged by the committee based on established criteria. If there are no suitable applicants, the award will not be presented and funds will be carried over to the next year. Bursary funds are designated specifically for tuition and books. Final approval for disbursement of funds rests with the Awards Committee and the ORNAC Board of Directors. At the end of the term, proof of successful completion of the course must be forwarded to the Chair of the Awards Committee in order to close out the file.

ORNAC recognizes that the education of perioperative nurses plays a pivotal role in providing a strong and successful national organization. The ORNAC Executive and Board of Directors appreciate the financial support provided by Johnson & Johnson Medical Products.

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