The following positions are open for nominations :

  1. Provincial Board of Director Positions
  2. Officer and Board of Director Positions

For further information on the ornac nominations process please contact the ORNAC Nominations Chair.

Form 800b - ORNAC Board and Executive Eligibility Criteria

1. Provincial Board of Director Positions

Nomination Form

Positions with two year terms commencing May 2020:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Quebec

Sequence of Events (subject to change):

  • September 2019 
    Call for Nominations published in the ORNAC Journal , on the ORNAC website, on the ORNAC Facebook page, and through e-blast to provincial members.
  • October 2019 
    ORNAC Nominations Package sent electronically to the Provincial Council (PC) President. The package will include all background information including the forms for bios, nomination submission and all related paperwork, election process and electronic ballots.
  • November 2019 
    The PC President is responsible for e-mailing the Nominations package to all members within his/her province.
  • January 2020 
    The Nominations must be received by the PC President.
    • The PC President will determine which candidates meet the criteria for the ORNAC Board position. Nominations reviewed by the Provincial Nominating Committee.
  • February 2020
    Candidates will be notified whether they have or have not met the nomination criteria. If there is more than one candidate an election will be held within the specific province. If there is only one candidate an election would not occur and the candidate‘s name would be moved forward to be added to the National Election Slate to be voted on by ORNAC members at the AGM.
  • February 2020 
    If an election is to be held the PC members are notified of who the candidates are, the date of the election and the election process by electronic vote. The biographies and background information on all candidates will be available on the provincial website and/or can be e-mailed by the Provincial Council (PC) President.
  • March 2020 
    The PC President sends out Electronic Ballots to all Provincial members with voting privileges.
    • The Election takes place.
    • PC President will appoint two scrutineers from the PC Executive or PC members to tabulate the results of the election.
    • The PC President notifies the ORNAC Nomination’s Chair by e-mail of the successful candidate’s name.
  • April 2020 
    The ORNAC Nominating Committee Chair prepares the final Election Slate for the Annual General Meeting.
  • May 2020 
    At the ORNAC AGM the voting ORNAC members will vote on the final election slate.
  • June 20199
    The new Board is introduced on the ORNAC website and by e-blast to the ORNAC membership.
  • September 2020 
    The new Board will be listed in the ORNAC Journal.

2) Officer and Board of Director Positions

Nomination Form

Position Open with two year term:

  • Treasurer

Sequence of Events (Subject to change):

  • December 2019 
    Call for Nominations will be available nationally on the ORNAC website, the ORNAC Facebook page, and through e-mail via ORNAC and the Provincial Councils.
  • February 2020 
    Candidates must submit the nominations paperwork, and express their intention to run for the position, to the ORNAC Nominations and Elections Chair.
  • February 2020 
    The Nominations and Elections Chair will determine the candidates who meet the criteria for running for a Board position and will notify the ORNAC Board of Directors.
  • February 2020
    Candidates will be notified if they have met the criteria. If more than one candidate has met the criteria then a national election will be held.
  • February 2020
    Electronic ballots will be sent to all Members with voting privileges.
  • March 2020 
    Election takes place.
  • April 2020
    The Nominations and Elections Chair will notify the ORNAC President (in writing) of the successful candidate.
  • April 2020 
    The ORNAC Nominations Chair prepares the final election slate for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • May 2020 
    Vote on the final election slate, at the ORNAC AGM, by ORNAC Membership.
  • May 2020
    The new Board is introduced at the ORNAC AGM.
  • September 2020 
    The new ORNAC Board is featured in the ORNAC Journal.
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