2019 Conference Certificates


26th ORNAC National Conference ● April 26 - 30 ● Halifax, NS

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Session Title Session Time Number of Hours Eligible Number of Hours Participated
Friday, April 26, 2019
Presentation and Discussion Mike Villeneuve, Linda Silas 1430 - 1530 1.00
Opening Keynote - Livin' Life Large - Coffee Talk Experience Tyler Hayden 1545 - 1715 1.50
  Total Hours for Apr 26 (Max 2.50 hrs):
Saturday, April 27, 2019
ORNAC Standards, Guidelines, and Position Statements for Perioperative Registered Nurses 1430 - 1530 1.00
ORNAC Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l’AIISOC 1430 - 1530 1.00
Enhanced Recovery Canada Claude Laflamme, Carla Williams 1500 - 1600 1.00
Saegis Safety Institute Black Box Tom Lloyd 1500 - 1600 1.00
  Total Hours for Apr 27 (Max 4.00 hrs):
Sunday, April 28, 2019
Concurrent Session A
How to get OR staff Engaged for Accreditation Kristen Webb 0845 - 0945 1.00
RNFA Dr Brennan, Dr McGory, Sarah Pelletier
Building a Perioperative Clinical Information System Erin Robertson
Concurrent Session B
Care and Handling of Instrumentation David Wood 1000 - 1100 1.00
Suture workshop "Dr Brennan, Dr McGory, Anne Marie Woodworth
Safe Perioperative Patient Care, But With Lower Environmental Impact Michael Overcash, Brendan O'Neill
Code Orange Alma Dirpaul, Anne-Marie DeWeert 1500 - 1600 1.00
Concurrent Session C
Blue Renew Panel Discussion Andy Sarsfield 1615 - 1715 1.00
A Career Well Travelled: Journey of a Perioperative Nurse Cathleen Ferguson
Turning the Tide of Preference Card Management Jane Kusler-Jensen
  Total Hours for Apr 28 (Max 4.00 hrs):
Monday, April 29, 2019
Concurrent Session D
Educational Strategies for Teaching Non-technical Skills to Perioperative Nurses Debra Clendinneng 0845 - 0945 1.00
Code Orange - Are you Ready? Kristen Webb
Surgical Stewardship: The Perioperative Nurse’s Role in Preventing Surgical Site Infections Peter B. Graves
Concurrent Session E
Leadership and Patient Safety: Intentional Development Deborah Roberts 1000 - 1100 1.00
What’s Bugging you? A multi-phased approach to reducing surgical site infections in a surgical colorectal population Patrice Clayton
Changing Tides for Perioperative Nursing Students' Observation Experiences Leah McKerricher, Barbara Omoth
CORL meeting 1100 - 1300 2.00
Keynote - Shaped by our Past, Defined by our Decisions David Garner 1300 - 1400 1.00
Concurrent Session F
Interprofessional Education and the Integration of Perioperative Nurses in a Surgical Resident PREP Camp Antoniette Labricciosa 1415 - 1515 1.00
Surgical Outcomes in Africa: Turning the Tide thru Perioperative Nursing Excellence Mary Knight
Clean Closure Protocol for Gastrointestinal Procedures Aline Ttizian
Concurrent Session G
Internationally Educated Nurses Journey to Global Perioperative Nursing Practice Daphny Grace Peneza 1530 - 1630 1.00
CCNPS legal advisor Tim Langlois
"Hybrid OR Suites: the Future of Neurosurgery" Preparing your OR staff Millie Markovich
  Total Hours for Apr 29 (Max 7.00 hrs):
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Concurrent Session H
Stand by Me: Improving Perioperative Nursing Orientation Plans to Support ESL Learners Stephanie Depledge 0915 - 1015 1.00
Optimizing Surgical Team Communication and Improving the Patient Experience Julie D. McBrien, Elizabeth Pawlowski
Debrief in the Operating Room- Next Steps Carol Kirkwood
Concurrent Session I
Polishing our Clinical Gems: Staff Orientation and Retention Strategies for Perioperative Leaders Daphny Grace Peneza 1030 - 1130 1.00
Applying LEAN Principles to improve OR efficiency Tanya Vandale
Interprofessional simulation (maximum 20-30 participants) Kelli Lackie, Narendra Vakharia 1030 - 1330 3.00
Concurrent Session J
Quality Improvement Initiatives That Work! Beverley Barbato 1230 - 1330 1.00
Full Spectrum Success: Living & Leading in True Color Melissa Swartzack
Keynote - This Would be funny if it Wasn’t Happening to Me! Jody Urquhart 1345 - 1500 1.25
  Total Hours for Apr 30 (Max 7.25 hrs):
Friday April 26 to Tuesday April 30, 2019
Total Hours to be Submitted: Max 32.75 hrs
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