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 Perioperative Nurses Week POSTER, WRITTEN, and VIDEO Contests are NOW OPEN for 2022!    
"Caring for others starts with caring for ourselves: The value of being valued"
 Contests based on our THEME above are now OPEN!!
Information is available on our contests - ORNAC.ca> Home Page>News and Events> Perioperative Nurses Week

ORNAC Master Class Webinar Series 
Our sincere thanks to our Partners for the superb webinars presented this fall.
We will be breaking for the Holiday Season and look forward to new presentations in the New Year!
Stay tuned!

                        Standards                                        Careers                                          Journal*                                                                                                 
      Member Discounts* Available               Click to see job postings!        * E Journal in Member/Associate profiles                         
               ORNAC Standards 15th English thumbnail                                                                                                               2020 June Cover                                                                                                                                                                                              
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Congratulations to all of our 2021Award Winners:

Isabelle Adams Perioperative Excellence = Sharon Wandzura      20210707 133257 Isabelle Adams Award 2 2021- Sharon Wandzura


Gloria Stephens Education = Randi Galenzoski RGalenzoski

Muriel Shewchuk Leadership = Cathleen Ferguson

Lorne Flower Memorial = Chris Downey

J&J Drake Thompson writing award = 2019 = Margaret Farley

                                                                     2020 = Debra Clendenning

J&J Bursary = Lauren Amadio   Lauren Amadio

Cardinal Health Research Grant = Dr. Eli Ahlquist

RMAC Patient Safety Award= Cindy McLennan and Wendy McPhee


 Inquiries to info@ornac.ca 


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