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ORNAC Virtual Conference 

www.ornacconference.ca**  for Exhibits and Taped Sessions!


Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors!

**The  Conference Website will remain up post conference for viewing by Conference Registrants

Evaluations link has been emailed! 

Fill out the evaluation to receive your Conference Certificate

Congratulations to all of our Award Winners:

Isabelle Adams Perioperative Excellence = Sharon Wandzura

Muriel Shewchuk Leadership = Cathleen Ferguson

Gloria Stephens Education = Randi Galenzoski

Lorne Flower Memorial = Chris Downey

J&J Drake Thompson writing award = 2020 = Margaret Farley

                                                                     2021 = Debra Clendinneng

J&J Bursary = Lauren Amadio

Cardinal Health Research Grant = Dr. Eli Ahlquist

 Inquiries to info@ornac.ca 

The Video and Written Submission Contests on the theme;

Adapting and evolving in a changing world -Perioperative nursing through a pandemic

Continues until September 1, 2021 details at

Perioperative Nurses Week (ornac.ca)


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