Robot-assisted surgery in benign and malignant gynaecological pathology has exploded in the last decennium and the development is continuing and progressing fast every year! Do not miss the opportunity to get updated on the latest developments and studies in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities of Europe: Istanbul! At the 7th Annual SERGS Meeting - 2014 there will be ample opportunity to see live robot-assisted surgery broadcasted from all over the world, to listen to the abstracts and newest communications of your colleagues, to see unedited videos and to have thorough discussion on the scientific progress, but also on economical and teaching topics in relation to robot-assisted surgery. Also for nurses there will be a specific program. Finally the meeting will be preceded by educational courses on suturing, and animal dissections and many other topics! So do not miss this event, and keep in mind that the registration fee is lower as SERGS member! In addition, as SERGS member you will have a lot more advantages such as getting access to presentations and videos of the annual SERGS meetings. Please visit our website for more information on Visit for further details Kind regards, Ignace Vergote, MD. PhD. Prof. SERGS President Fatih Şendağ, MD.Prof. Congress President
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