December 2016
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Message from the President - Cathleen Ferguson

Cathy F.

On November 4, 2016 ORNAC, in collaboration with CNA, the ORNAC Executive & Board hosted a Roundtable discussion at CNA House. An enthusiastic group of ORNAC representatives from across Canada gathered in Ottawa for this workshop which was an important step in moving toward these ultimate goals:

  • ORNAC in partnership with CNA will successfully support patient safety by addressing model of care staffing decisions for the delivery of safe evidence-based nursing care in perioperative environments/surgical suites.
  • Develop a joint position statement on safe staffing models of care for the perioperative environment as developed by ORNAC and CNA.

Facilitators from InVizzen Knowledge Brokers Inc. guided the 24 participants through a series of short presentations and interactive sessions designed to gather perspectives on why it is essential to describe the role of the RN in perioperative settings at this point in time; research evidence, frameworks, tools and models of care to support the desired goals; provincial successes and challenges faced when attempting to apply evidence-based frameworks; and strategies for influencing change. An action team comprised of ORNAC representatives, and facilitated by InVizzen, will continue the work, over the next 5 months. This action team will build on the workshop outcomes through further membership feedback, with a final goal to launch a pan-Canadian strategy that will influence operating room model of care decisions during the 2017 National Conference.

We look forward to presenting a full report in 2017!

Contact the President, Cathleen Ferguson: to provide feedback on this eNews, or to submit something that you wish to highlight in the next TIME OUT!

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Communication & Governance

ORNAC Nominating Committee

National Elections
The ORNAC Nominating Committee is inviting ORNAC voting Members to nominate individuals to serve on the ORNAC Board for the following NATIONAL positions:

  1. President Elect (Officer & Director) - two-year term
  2. Secretary (Officer & Director)  - two-year term
  3. Director Seat: Advanced Practice  - two-year term
  4. Director Seat: Education  - one-year term

We will be accepting nominations of candidates for all positions with a submission deadline of February 15, 2016 (Extended).

Please click the links for the following documents:

  1. Sequence of events for the Nomination and Election Process
  2. Nomination forms for President Elect & Secretary
  3. Nomination forms for Leadership & Education
  4. ORNAC Board & Executive Eligibility Criteria Form 800b

Eligibility criteria
All nomination forms, for potential candidates, should be e-mailed to the ORNAC Nominating Committee Chair by February 15, 2016 (extended) (for review by the entire Nominating Committee).

Provincial Elections
The ORNAC Nominating Committee is inviting ORNAC voting Members to nominate individuals to serve on the ORNAC Board for the following PROVINCIAL positions:

  1. Provincial Board of Director Position for British Columbia - two-year term
  2. Provincial Board of Director Position for Saskatchewan - two-year term
  3. Provincial Board of Director Position for Ontario  - two-year term
  4. Provincial Board of Director Position for Quebec - two-year term
  5. Provincial Board of Director Position for Nova Scotia - two-year term
  6. Provincial Board of Director Position for Newfoundland & Labrador -one-year term

We will be accepting nominations of candidates for all positions with a submission deadline of February 15, 2016 (Extended).

Please click the links for the following documents:

  1. Sequence of events for the Nomination and Election Process
  2. Nomination forms for Provincial Board of Director Positions
  3. ORNAC Board & Executive Eligibility Criteria Form 800b

Eligibility criteria
All nomination forms, for potential Provincial candidates, should be e-mailed to the Pronvincial President by February 15, 2016 (extended) .

If you have any questions or need clarification of the process, please do not hesitate to contact Nominating committee chair by email at

We look forward to receiving your nominations for these important National ORNAC Board positions. By participating in this process you will be “Building a strong voice for the future of Perioperative Nursing"

Call for ORNAC Journal Reviewers

As you may be aware, there is a lot of work done behind the scenes, on articles submitted to the ORNAC Journal, by the dedicated members of our Reviewer Panel as part of our double-blind peer review process. We have recently reviewed our processes and will be introducing a new policy, outlining Reviewer Panel responsibilities and expectations, and are striving to ensure strong representation of Anglophone and Francophone ORNAC members from all provinces. These individuals play a crucial role in ensuring the ORNAC Journal’s content remains current, relevant, and of benefit to OR Nurses across Canada.

To that end, we are putting a call out for active ORNAC members who would like to join the ORNAC Journal Reviewer Panel. If you are interested in this very important role please forward a current CV, with a brief notation on why you are interested in participating as a reviewer, to Deb Clendinneng, Editorial Committee Co-Chair, ORNAC Journal, at by April 14, 2017.

Member Spotlight - Joanna Schubert 2016 Algonquin College, Premier’s Award Nominee

Health Sciences: 
Joanna Schubert
Clinical Manager, Surgical Suites, The Ottawa Hospital
Registered Nursing Program – Class of 1982

In over 30 years at one of Canada’s largest hospitals Joanna has gained the respect of her colleagues and co-workers first as a nurse and recently as a clinical leader. Her vision and expertise have helped reduce wait times for surgeries, build state-of-the-art operating rooms, enhance patient care and develop an education program for residents. Joanna has long been involved in her industry; speaking across North America and serving as President of the Ottawa Regional Operating Room Nurses Association, the Operating Room Nurses Association of Ontario and as a board member of the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada.

Congratulations Joanna!

Contest Winner - ORNAC Journal

We are working hard to promote the ORNAC Standards in many ways including in the ORNAC Journal. Due to a publication error, however, the latest issue of the Journal had some Standards non-compliant issues with a few photos.

We invited the membership to point out what you saw as "incorrect" in the photos as it relates to the ORNAC Standards. From the submissions, a winner was selected and a prize will be awarded from the ORNAC boutique (winners choice).

The winner of this contest is Audrey Hiebert who correctly pointed out that the nurse is wearing a cloth OR hat on the cover page, and pages 3, 5, 22 and 31. It should be a disposable hat! Audrey, please let us know your choice from the boutique.

A corrected Flipbook version of the ORNAC Journal is also available at

Online Boutique

The Boutique is open and ready for orders. Note that some items are limited quantities. Start your holiday shopping! Payment is made online at the time of purchase.

Social Media 101

A few basics if you are interested in signing up for Twitter:

How to sign up for twitter:

  • Go to
  • Sign up using an email or phone number
  • Download twitter on your phone/tablet through the app store (available on all platforms)

Your first tweet:

  • After you have logged into Twitter click on the blue button on the top right that says Tweet
  • Compose your first Tweet! (ie. "Looking forward to #ORNAC2017 in Niagara Falls. Are you?")
  • At the end of the tweet, tag Heather Dow, our Executive Director (type: @3canoes) and she will re-tweet it and welcome you to twitter. This will send your tweet to all the OR nurses and industry partners from around the world that follow Heather and this will immediately expand your network

Visits and usage of the social media sites of Twitter and Facebook are gradually increasing. ORNAC will be looking for more help in generating content for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Please submit interesting links, etc. to and we will get them posted. Our Twitter feed continues to increase in interest with 74 tweets and 101 followers. Even if you do not have a Twitter account, you can follow the feed displayed on our ORNAC website homepage. We now have over 1,683 Likes on Facebook. Be sure to start using the hashtag #ORNAC2017 to tweet about the upcoming conference!

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Registration is Open! 25th National Conference, April 30-May 4, 2017, "Harnessing our Power" Scotiabank Convention Centre Niagara Falls, ON
25th ORNAC National Conference & Tradeshow brings together 800 perioperative nurses and exhibitors for five days of learning, networking, and inspiration. Learn the latest research and best practices during the 50+ education sessions, experience hands-on simulation training, and interact with over 75 exhibits sharing the latest technology and trends. Harness your power at the largest gathering of perioperative nurses in the Canada!

Early bird pricing available until March 31, 2017!

Latest News & Updates

Justify Your Attendance

Are you eager to attend the 25th  ORNAC National Conference? Not sure your manager will approve the expense?

ORNAC has created a toolkit of letters and worksheets (all in Microsoft Word format) you can easily customize to help your manager understand the return he or she will see on this important investment.

  • Letter to your manager: Use this customizable letter template to help explain and justify your conference attendance.
  • Detailed budget worksheet: Use this customizable budget document to help explain and justify your conference costs
  • Benefits worksheet: Use this worksheet to create a custom list of the benefits you and your workplace will gain from attending.
  • Post-conference ROI worksheet: Use this worksheet to take notes on sessions, and record key takeaways, action items and estimated return on investment (ROI). These notes can be referenced in creating your post-conference trip report.
  • Additional tips will help you better make your case for attendance!

Social Event Theme - Monday May 1, 2017

Following the success of the recent Great Gatsby film, it makes sense everyone is obsessed with 1920’s glamour and festivities, with every occasion turning into an opportunity to celebrate all things Gatsby-style.

Join us at the ScotiaBank Convention Centre, Monday, May 1 at from 18:30 to midnight for an evening themed "Great Gatsby". We will have a dance, DJ and Ballroom Swing Dancers. Bring your Roaring 20’s and let's have a great time!

Delicately beaded with soft silhouettes and elegant drop-waists, 1920’s fashion sure was stylish. Wear your fascinator, drink champagne, dress in style!

Full Conference registration includes one (1) ticket for the ORNAC Gala Banquet. (Single Day registration does not include a ticket for the ORNAC Gala Banquet.)

Tickets for single day registrants, or additional tickets for your guest(s), may be purchased in the Social Event Tickets section of the Registration Form. Ticket Price: $90 per person.

Future conference:
Mark your calendars for the 26th ORNAC National Conference, Tides of Change, Oceans of Perioperative Excellence, Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax, NS, April 25 - May 2, 2019

Check the events calendar to stay current on events happening in the world of Perioperative Nursing!

Tell us what's going on...

Have an Event or Announcement you would like published on our website? Have some exciting news to share with us?

Contact us today!

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On October 14 & 15 Linda Whyte represented ORNAC during CAMDR's second biennial conference in Toronto, Ontario. We value the partnership between ORNAC and CAMDR and were pleased that Linda was available to liaise with the delegates and industry partners to promote ORNAC's conference, sponsorship, membership and partnerships.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, Kim Goodman and representatives from MORNA will be representing ORNAC during the CNSA 2017 National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

These are valuable partnerships with ORNAC and we appreciate our volunteers giving their time to nurture and grow those relationships.

Appeal for donations - FOAN CanadaFoAN of Canada
Friends of African Nursing (Canada) is an independent, volunteer run registered Canadian charity, whose primary purpose is to support perioperative nurses and nursing education in Africa. In 2010 FoAN (Canada) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Friends of African Nursing (UK), which allows us to remain independent, while participating in their programs. FoAN (UK) have delivered education to more than 1,400 nurses in ten countries in Africa since 2001. FoAN (Canada) participated in a Botswana visit in 2012.

Please help us deliver an educational program in Zambia, Africa in January, 2017!

In January, 2017 FoAN (Canada) will be joining the FoAN (UK) team to assist Zambian perioperative nurses to develop mutually agreed upon practice standards in their context, guided by international evidence based practice. Perioperative nurses from areas across Zambia will be attending.

Nurses are in short supply in many of the African countries and continuing Nursing Education is limited or non- existent. The education provided by FoAN (UK) has enabled the nurses to reduce their risk of blood borne diseases in the operating room. The education has also empowered the nurses professionally to learn more of the rationale behind leading and improving a service, protecting themselves and their patients and develop a sense of self.

The costs of the workshop will be borne by the charities. This will include transport both ways for the African nurses travelling from outside Lusaka, accommodation, venue and workshop materials. FoAN (Canada) will contribute 1/4 of the workshop costs and travel costs for our Canadian nurse who is donating her time and expertise. We need to raise $6,000 CAD. FoAN (UK) will cover the remaining costs. Any extra money raised will go to the next educational program that FoAN (Canada) delivers.

Ways to donate

Thank you for your help,
Friends of African Nursing (Canada) Board of Directors


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Harnessing Your Power

"Looking back to the women influencing my life, makes me proud.
I come from a generation of women who have struggled to better themselves and, their offspring. 
These women are powerful matriarchs that stood up for their rights and the rights of their children.
My grandmother had absolutely no formal education.  Her signature was her thumb fingerprint!
My mother reached grade four.  Her dream as a young girl was to become a nurse. 
They were both deprived of the right to an education; a right which most of us take for granted! 
The reason?  They were girls!
Nevertheless, they fought fiercely for their children’s right to education. 
This was not an easy feat to accomplish in a society with archaic values of oppressing women, simply because of their gender.  Yet, they persevered.
Now, it’s my time. 
I am an Operating Room Registered Nurse.  I am a woman and I have a voice.
I stand for nursing because it gives me the power to stand for myself. 
I have the responsibility to harness my inner power.  I must. 
I have the responsibility to fight for my daughter and, my son alike.
I must stand for the women, like my grandmother and mother, who have been and continue to be denied an education simply because they are female.   
I must remember that in Canada my voice matters and, that my life, as a woman, is valued and respected.
I am a nurse.  And, Nursing, as a profession, has a voice: yours and mine.
Our nursing voice must thunder like the waters of Niagara Falls, as it generates empowering energy to everyone around us.
Let’s harness our power to grow as nurses and, as human beings. 
It is up to us to decide how much our voices matter.    
It is up to us to continue to shape our future and, our profession as we envision it.
Together, we possess the power to elevate nursing and, to stand with each other as professionals.
We all have the power within us. 
We must allow it to surface and, to engulf us with its intoxicating and peaceful embrace.
Remember nurses, we are a beautiful and powerful sight!"

By Sandra Raquel Rivas
Halton Healthcare Services-Milton Hospital

If you have any content or links that you would like posted, please forward to

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Pillar News

Advocacy and Governance - Pat Pocock

The Governance component of the Advocacy Pillar has overseen the work of the creation and completion of Letters of Continuation and of Bylaws for the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC). This occurred following the proclamation of the Federal Not For Profit Corporations Act in 2013. The Act is much more prescriptive and the Bylaws did not need to be as extensive as the previous Bylaws. Read more...

Research and Nursing Informatics - Christine Downey

Three project charters were established for the RNI Pillar in 2013. These charters included:

  1. website redevelopment (webpages and membership database);
  2. validation process for standards of practice; and
  3. assessment of the current status of Canadian perioperative nursing research (Cardinal Health Research Grant).


Marketing - Marlene Skucas

The Marketing Pillar is one of 5, of the pillar structures of ORNAC. It encompasses the website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), the ORANC Journal, boutique, advertising and brochures. The chair has a term of 2 years with the option to extend for an additional 2 years.

The website and ORNAC journal have their own chair and have 2 year terms with the option of extending for a second term Read more...

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RNFA Network of Canada News

Who is the RNFANC?

The RNFANC is an association of RNFAs and Perioperative Nurses from across Canada who are represented at the ORNAC Board, adding their knowledge and experience to the voice of Perioperative Nurses across Canada. An RNFA is a registered nurse with expanded perioperative nursing education and skills who provides assistance during the surgical intervention under the direction of the surgeon. RNFAs can also work with patients preoperatively and post operatively. Nearly every province in Canada has RNFAs who are employed either full or part time in hospitals or clinics.

Belonging to the Registered Nurse First Assistant Network of Canada provides RNFAs with:

  • A voice and vote on the ORNAC Board
  • Educational session(s) or workshops specific to RNFA practice at the ORNAC Conference
  • A means of communication with other RNFAs through the Forum on the ORNAC website
  • A chance to win the ORNAC conference registration fee, if you attend the ORNAC conference and RNFANC meeting at the conference.

Upcoming RNFANC Events
At the upcoming 25th ORNAC National Conference in Niagara Falls, April 30 – May 4, 2017, there is a planned RNFA day on May 3rd. The RNFANC will be having a meeting and information session at lunch time on this day and is planning on sponsoring an RNFA panel discussion and one or two workshops geared towards RNFA practice. It will be a great time for networking. A final line up for the day will be announced in the next ORNAC Newsletter in February.

Hope to see all RNFANC members and anyone else who is interested in the RNFA role.  

RNFA Programs Currently Available in Canada

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Career Opportunities & RN Programs

Career Opportunities:

Position/Job Title Organization Job Term Location Application Deadline
Registered Nurse Halton Healthcare Part-Time Oakville 2016-12-30
Operating Room Nurses Northern Health Authority Full-Time Prince George, BC 2017-01-01
Perioperative Nurses Vancouver Coastal Health Full-Time Vancouver, North Vancouver 2017-01-31
Registered Nurse First Assistant – Cardiac Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Full-Time Toronto 2017-02-08
Registered Nurse Lake of the Woods District Hospital Part-Time Kenora, ON 2017-02-28

RN Programs:

View the Available Career Opportunities or Post your Job Listing Today Back to Top
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