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Welcome to the Fall 2015 Newsletter

Cathy Ferguson, ORNAC PresidentTIME OUT!
There have been a number of changes over the last few months and we want to make sure that the ORNAC membership is in the loop. Therefore, we thought we had better take a TIME OUT! and fill you in.

Association Management Company - EM+
You will soon receive the December issue of the ORNAC Journal. Be sure to pay special attention to the welcome letter from our Executive Director, Heather Dow. The article will introduce you to the team at Events & Management Plus, Inc., (EM+) our new association management firm in Kingston, ON. Please join the Executive and Board in a warm ORNAC welcome to the staff at EM+!

Board of Directors and Executive - November 6-8, 2015
The Executive and Board recently met in Ottawa to discuss ORNAC business, governance, policy, and finance. We are happy to report that ORNAC is in good hands and working towards a better reporting structure, increased fiduciary responsibility and new educational opportunities.

Annual General Meeting
The next Annual General Meeting will take place in either Charlottetown, St. John's or Winnipeg. It is our intention to ensure we have member engagement across the nation. We hope to have an AGM or conference in all provincial regions over the coming years.

Needs Assessment 2015
ORNAC is interested in hearing from you. Please take a few minutes to complete the membership survey to help us understand and respond to your needs. See below under "Membership Update" for more information.

Social Media
ORNAC will be looking for more help in generating content for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin (in design stage). Please submit interesting links, etc. to and we will get them posted. Our Twitter feed is growing in activity with 22 tweets and 46 followers. Even if you do not have a Twitter account, you can follow the feed displayed on our ORNAC website homepage. We now have over 1202 Likes on Facebook.

Vancouver Island Region Challenge!
At the ORNAC National Conference closing ceremonies Marcy McKay, ORNAC Past-President, announced that the Vancouver Island region is sponsoring a one-year ORNAC membership for the region that increases its existing membership by the highest percentage. Can your region increase its membership by 10%, 20% or even more? Here are some possible ways to encourage new members:

  • Bring a new nurse to an education night;
  • Run a fundraising/awareness campaign and sponsor the cost of a new membership;
  • Tell new members about your Conference experiences so they know what they are missing;
  • Create local challenges to bring new members into your region; and
  • Share your ideas and results with ORNAC so other regions can try them!

The winning region will be selected on January 31, 2016 (based on comparisons between January 2015 and January 2016 numbers) and will be announced in the March 2016 Journal as well as on the ORNAC Facebook page. More information is available on our website.

Check out what some of our members did for Perioperative nurses week!

Dawn Affleck of Brandon Regional Health Centre - Check out our video here that highlights how we celebrated Perioperative Nurses Week!

Chantal Pelletier of Réseau de santé Vitalité Health Network - Hôpital Régional Chaleur Regional Hospital - Check out Our cool photos! We had an open house for our families and finally, family members could see where their loved ones worked and what they did. Even surgeons got involved and showed some implants! Check out our cake with the Nurse’s week logo. The daughter of one of the RN's made the cartoon figures for each of the specialties.

Jane Radey of Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare, Huntsville - Although we were really busy this week at work in my small community hospital, our physicians were thoughtful enough to treat us to lunch on Friday. They know that the quickest way to a perioperative nurse's heart is through their stomach! I also travelled to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to take part in the RNAO Interest Group Open House and talk to the Nursing Students about the role of the RNFA and perioperative nursing. The time to spark an interest in Perioperative Nursing is while they are interested in learning and before they graduate. I was able to promote perioperative nursing and the RNFA role with many students who voiced an interest in knowing what the roles entail. It was uplifting to talk with so many soon-to-be nurses who showed excitement and joy of learning. Very inspirational and just what I needed to remind me why it was I went into nursing and in particular, why I specialized in perioperative nursing.

What did you do for Perioperative Nurses Week? Please let us know and share your stories and photos.

Save the Dates:

Contact the President, Cathleen Ferguson: to provide feedback on this eNews, or to to submit something that you wish to highlight in the next TIME OUT!

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Membership Update

Membership Renewal 2016
It is time to renew your membership in the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC).  Please visit the Membership area of our website ( and sign in using your email address and password. If you cannot remember your log in credentials, please contact the Secretariat: Benefits of membership can be found here.

The annual dues for Regular Members ($65), Retired Perioperative Registered Nurse Associate ($55), Student Nurse Associate ($55), International Associate ($80), Healthcare Professional Associate ($70.00), Administrative/Government Professional Associate ($70), Corporate Premium Associate ($2000), Corporate Standard Associate ($1000), Corporate Individual Associate ($75) per year remain unchanged.  These membership dues form the core of our organization’s financial support and are used to pay for our administration/secretariat, the biennial conference, the Standards,  and other educational activities, the ORNAC website, your provincial chapters, and the ORNAC Journal.

We do count on and appreciate your support, every year, so that the we can maintain our vision, mission and goals. Thank you for your renewed support to ORNAC; an organization of professional perioperative Registered Nurses dedicated to the promotion of excellence in perioperative nursing.

Online Member Profile
When you renew your member dues, please take the time to update your member profile. The majority of our communications are through email therefore, it is important that we have at least one valid email address to ensure you do not miss out on any newsletters, communications or notices.

Member Survey 2015

It is time to perform a valuable needs assessment of ORNAC. Our annual survey of the membership is important for several reasons. The survey results:

  • Provide feedback to the Executive, Committees, and Pillars – How are we doing? Where can we improve?
  • Assess the effectiveness of our overall continuing education (CE) program;
  • Evaluate OR support for new initiatives
  • Collect information on the ORNAC Journal

Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey today. Deadline is December 31.

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Professional Practice Pillar

Education - Chair: Kristina Cruess

  • Perioperative Nursing Program Certification is undergoing a review to ensure it continues to help support excellence in perioperative nursing education.
  • ORNAC in partnership with Barb Langlois, will be offering five custom designed 20-30 minute engaging webinar. Webinar topics for 2016 are being discussed – please tell us in the needs assessment survey what you would like to see considered.

    The Perioperative Nurses of Canada will:

    • Learn practical tools and strategies that are applicable to their everyday work (and home life)
    • Invest minimal time (20-30 minutes) for valuable content
    • Be engaged in the webinars
    • Ask specific questions regarding the webinar content
    • Request specific webinar topics

    In the context of a fast-paced, highly charged operating room environment that often contains numerous personalities, the perioperative nurses will be able to learn strategies and tools that will assist them to effectively communicate with team members. They will have the opportunity to discover how to get their voices heard, deal with difficult personalities, manage workplace conflict and receive tools and strategies that foster a positive working environment.

    “Your webinars have not only helped me to grow in my current position but also built my confidence and in the process, my reputation” ~ Shawna Tohm, Clinical Coordinator, OBS, Yellowknife

    “Great webinar! As a Manager, I appreciated the suggestion of validation and need for redirection. I can hardly wait to try these strategies when this situation occurs during a meeting. Your ‘one liners’ are great tools to use.” ~ Lily Foubert, Manager Critical Care, Winnipeg

  • CNA certification webinar is also being developed.

Standards - Co- Chairs: Chris Downey and Corenia Price

  • Revised standards have been printed. Details on the correction notice can be found on our website.
  • We are pleased to report that the French standards are at the printers and will be available for distribution shortly.

Awards - Chair: Anita Esson

  • An annual grant of up to $5,000 sponsored by Cardinal Health and administered by the ORNAC Research Committee is available to researchers who meet the criteria as outlined in the Cardinal Health Research Grant guidelines.
  • The intent of the grant is to promote perioperative nursing research activities and to encourage the integration of research findings into perioperative nursing practice, in order to improve perioperative patient care. Full proposal application deadline is March 15. Grant recipients will be selected by May 15.
  • Letters of Intent and full proposal applications should be sent to the Chair of the ORNAC Awards Committee:
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Advocacy & Governance Pillar

Governance - Chair, Patricia Pocock
Presently, the Governance section is working on the following:

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Research & Research Informatics Pillar

The ORNAC website is undergoing a redesign that will create a more user friendly experience. Among the changes will be the addition of the ability for viewers to simultaneously change between French and English. The launch of the site is expected to happen this week and possibly as early as today!

What you need to know about the changes:

  • The online boutique will launch in the new year.
  • Members area is being redesigned to increase functionality (accessing member lists, member profile updates, virtual office etc...)
  • The Member forum will be up and running in the new year
  • Translations are ongoing and we want to receive your feedback! If you see something that is incorrect, please let us know:


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Marketing Pillar

Please stay tuned for the online boutique to be launched in the New Year. In the interim, we plan to post a page of featured products highlighting the items, descriptions and prices to the website. Interested buyers will be asked to contact the office to place their orders. We anticipate this interim solution to be available by the end of November, just in time for holiday shopping!

Perioperative Nurses Week
If any facilities across the country did something special to celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week please send your pictures to for publishing in the next TIME OUT! issue.

Volunteer - Call for Journal Chair
ORNAC is looking for volunteer to take over chair of the ORNAC Journal. Information can be found on the website. Deadline to respond has been extended to January 7, 2016.

Marlene Skucas - Marketing Pillar Chair

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National Conference Planning Pillar

Call for Volunteers -
DEADLINE: December 1, 2015

The creation of a perfect event requires meticulous planning and flawless execution. The ORNAC Board and Executive is pleased to announce a partnership with Events & Management Plus Inc.(EM+). The team at EM+ (Heather, Andras, Paul and others) offer ORNAC the knowledge, experience and skills to get the job done successfully. They do the legwork, work out the details, and keep us informed every step of the way. They will make it easy for ORNAC volunteers to fulfill their role as hosts to speakers and delegates. As a result, the roles of each lead will be reduced significantly to an advisor position. This will soon be reflected on the website.

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Career Opportunities & RN Programs

Career Opportunities:

  • Regular Full-Time - Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
  • Part-Time employment - Kingston General Hospital. Kingston, ON
  • Regular Full-Time - Interior Health, Kelowna, BC
  • Regular Full-Time - Fraser Health Authority, Surrey, BC
  • Regular Full-Time - Alberta Health Services, Red Deer, AB

RN Programs:

View the Available Career Opportunities or Post your Job Listing Today Back to Top
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