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Advocacy and Governance

The Governance component of the Advocacy Pillar has overseen the work of the creation and completion of Letters of Continuation and of Bylaws for the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC). This occurred following the proclamation of the Federal Not For Profit Corporations Act in 2013. The Act is much more prescriptive and the Bylaws did not need to be as extensive as the previous Bylaws.

There are three committees that work under the Governance component of the Advocacy Pillar; Nominating, Policy and Procedures, and the Bylaws Committees. The Orientation Manual is being revised to include a paper on Governance for Board Directors, Organizational Ethics, and Useful Tools to Guide the work of the Board and Committees.

Governance Objectives:

  • Strengthen and equalize the three forms of Board Governance practiced by the ORNAC Board: Fiduciary, Generative, Strategic
  • Provide oversight for the Nomination Committee
  • Expand the Orientation and Reference Manual for Board Directors
  • Develop a process for succession planning for the Pillar Chair Roles.
  • Coordinate policy and Procedure development and review.

Research and Nursing Informatics

Three project charters were established for the RNI Pillar in 2013. These charters included:

  1. website redevelopment (webpages and membership database);
  2. validation process for standards of practice; and
  3. assessment of the current status of Canadian perioperative nursing research (Cardinal Health Research Grant).

Website redevelopment:

 A committee of ORNAC members was struck to select a new host for the ORNAC website. The process took place over an 8 month period. An RFP was sent out to 5 potential vendors. A survey monkey was used to collect data on the type of information the end users would like to see. The website was reviewed and revised by the committee and the new website launched in the summer of 2015. When Events Management +, came on board, they had in house website expertise and the website was further developed to what you access today. The database is accessed by ORNAC Executive, Board and Pillar Chairs for information that is vital to the operation of ORNAC Inc.

Validation process:

As Co Chair, with Corenia Price (Nfld & Lab) a committee of dedicated perioperative nurses have been collaborating with Dr Kevin Woo, RN PhD, and his team from Queen’s University to transition the ORNAC Standards to more research/evidence based guidelines. This process was started in the Spring of 2016 and will take 2-5 years. Dr Woo and his team have been impressed with the work done by the Standards committee and Dr Woo has agreed to speak about the validation process at the 2017 Conference in Niagara Falls. The ORNAC Executive and Board recently approved a renaming of the Standards document to, “The ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Registered Nurses”

Canadian perioperative nursing research:

In the fall of 2015, letters were sent to every Canadian University advertising the Cardinal Health Research Grant in hope of attracting perioperative researchers to apply. Two inquiries were made from this email blast but neither followed through to a letter of intent. The grant has not been awarded since 2009. Several recommendations have been put forward to the ORNAC board on how to “market” this grant and encourage the kind of research that is essential for the continuation of the validation process of the ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Registered Nurses. Information on the Cardinal Health Research Grant may be found at, under the Awards menu.


The Marketing Pillar is one of 5, of the pillar structures of ORNAC. It encompasses the website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), the ORANC Journal, boutique, advertising and brochures. The chair has a term of 2 years with the option to extend for an additional 2 years.

The website and ORNAC journal have their own chair and have 2 year terms with the option of extending for a second term.

The ORNAC website itself has been developed under the Research and Nursing Informatics pillar, chaired by Christine Downey, migrating it to a new platform in the last year that allows for improvements in forums, the membership area, content development and user friendliness. The website has been translated and visitors can now easily flip between French and English pages. There are areas that are still in development with the assistance of Sue Burns from events management. Check out the website at

The ORNAC Journal is co- chaired by Debra Clendinneng which is also a 2-year term with the option of extending for a second term. The ORNAC Journal is the best source of information and news relevant to Perioperative Practitioners dedicated to: Connecting Perioperative Practitioners, Enhancing professional growth, and Promoting perioperative professional practice.

ORNAC Journal connects Canada’s Perioperative Practitioners and is the best source of information and news that is relevant to their practice

The Co-Chair’s responsibilities include managing the peer-review process for all English articles and working, in conjunction with the Journal Editor and ORNAC Executive Director, on the planning of content for the Journal. Visit for more information on how to obtain the Journal, or submit an article or place an advertisement.

The ORNAC Boutique has been present at the National Conferences with their own booth in Ottawa and in Edmonton. The boutique has an assortment of inventory that we sell at each conference, choosing current trends and fashion to highlight the ORNAC branding red lady logo on each item. The marketing pillar chair is responsible for helping with the development of the boutique, in helping to choose the inventory, advertising and sales of the inventory at National conferences and soon to go live ”online boutique”.

The marketing pillar has developed the ORNAC branding logo, the news and views letter “Time Out that highlights current ORNAC events and news. The pillar promotes Peri Operative nurses week with hard copy posters and e-mail blasts informing members of contests, and information.

Visits and usage of the social media sites of Twitter and Facebook are gradually increasing. If you have any content or links that you would like posted, please forward to

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