The ORNAC Journal is the official peer-reviewed publication of the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC). Published quarterly by Clockwork Communications, the ORNAC Journal promotes professional perioperative nursing practice and provides its membership with relevant, practice-based information to apply in today's OR environment. All clinical articles are subjected to a double blind peer-review process conducted by members of an independent rotating review panel.

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Current Issue: June 2017

2017 06 Jun Cover

Featured Article

Communication, noise, and distractions in the Operating Room: The impact on patients and strategies to improve outcomes


  • Heather Plaxton RN, BScN, MN (NP)


The operating room is a complex environment where noise, distractions, and case relevant and irrelevant communication can adversely impactpatient care by prolonging surgeries and increasing the risk for adverse outcomes. This article explores the evidence regarding how communication, noise, and distractions impact the multidisciplinary team and patient outcomes and proposes strategies to deal with these workplace variables.


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